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So, you've heard our cabinet IRs in Guitar Rig and you're curious about Redwirez. Unless you're a cat or a lovable monkey, or your idea of "curious" is strapping a World War II, JATO rocket-engine to your '67 Chevy Impala, crossing your fingers and hitting the ignition switch, then we can authoritatively say, "Curiosity is a good thing."

Guitar Rig 5 features a subset of our BIGBox cabinet IR collection. But, we've got more... A LOT MORE. So, if you like what you heard but want more mics, more mic positions, and more cabinets, then please consider our complete BIGBox set.

Or, click the button below to add the cabs that were not included in GR5. There's some real classics, fully covered with 14 mics, up to 8 mic positions and 9 distances. Don't worry you can always remove them from your cart.

$102.00 for 26 cabs

Or, buy cabs one by one. We're flexible. Our pricing model rewards you for repeat purchases, saving you money on subsequent cabs.

Harness the tone-shaping capabilities of some of the world's most well-loved speaker cabinets, sampled using an uncompromising signal chain, including: Marshall, Orange, Mesa, Vox, Fender, Bogner, ENGL, Matchless, Ampeg, Aguilar, Hartke, Krank, Peavey, Soldano, Roland and Hiwatt.
  • Cabs sampled with 14 industry-standard microphones, each with their own special sound
  • Up to 8 mic positions to dial in the right tone for your amp
  • 9 different mic distances for different amounts of proximity effect, cabinet and room sound
  • Minimum of 550 IRs per cabinet* so you'll find the perfect match for your sound
  • Edited for better phase coherence allowing you to more easily mix multiple IRs
  • Clean, uncompromising signal chain that won't add undesirable color to your sound
  • Cabs powered w/ Bryston 4B, known for flat freq. response, ample power and low distortion
  • Recorded with Prism Sound Orpheus converters for top quality AD/DA conversion
  • Sampled with a Neve 1073 and a pair of 1084s, highly regarded preamps for recording guitar
  • Compatible with a wide range of recording software and convolution plug-ins (see Compatible Software) including Axe-Fx I & II ready sysex files
* Take a look at the speaker's IR Matrix for a listing of captured impulse responses. Check out BIGBox Series under Products for the full scoop on the speakers, mics, and mic positions.


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